Filmed in Hampshire and Dorset in 2005, Gentlemen of the Night is a unique and unprecedented work, a valuable and fascinating historical record presented by screenwriter and producer, Caroline Spence.

Left to right: Michael A. Hodges; Mike Andrews; Caroline Spence

Smuggling was at its height during the 18th Century and despite its dark and notorious reputation, it has become somewhat romanticised by us today with these so called ‘Gentlemen of the Night’ immortalised by Rudyard Kipling’s famous Smuggler’s Song. But in truth, the smugglers ruled like a latter-day Mafia who often paid off the authorities to turn a blind eye but meted out harsh punishment to anyone who attempted to threaten their livelihood. Who were these men and women? What drove ordinary folk to perform such extreme deeds? The film is beautifully shot, atmospheric and with an intriguing narrative and specially composed soundtrack that brings this fascinating history to life. In essence, the film uncovers all aspects of 18th Century smuggling within an area extending from Hurst Castle to Hengistbury Head and inland to Burley in the New Forest.

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Since its production, Gentlemen Of The Night has enjoyed the following successes:

  • Sell-out theatrical screenings
  • Extensive media coverage
  • A regional DVD Best Seller
  • Broadcast online with a national UK broadcaster (ITV)
  • Pro Video Award Winner in the ‘Best Documentary’ category

“Very impressed [with Gentlemen of the Night]… would love it if you’re able to do something similar again” — ITV, UK

“Outstanding photography of Christchurch – totally unique!” — Mayor Josephine Spencer

Following sell-out theatrical screenings and high demand, this Award Winning sixty-minute documentary has been re-released on DVD and Digital Download.

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